New Year, New Updates!

Posted on 11 Jan 2014 by Mario Bueno

Hey all!

Sorry it's been so quiet around here, but as mentioned elsewhere, it's been a period of preparation for an exciting 2014...and the first changes were for here on the site!

As you'll noticed, "Photos" and "Videos" are gone, and now consolidated (along with a new "Music" section that was never added in 2013) to the "Media" page. I figured this was a much simpler way of directing people to the three different facets of what I do (web video/live performances, music, and cosplay) without having so many different pages to spread them out over; simplicity/condensation is the name of the game in 2014!

That said, another casualty of this has been the bulk of the site's older news stories, so while I have them in my personal archive, they sadly no longer exist here on the page...I may re-introduce a few of them over time because they were hallmark moments in my personal and professional life, but for the most part, much of the content in those updates pertained to things that can be viewed/heard/etc. ;D

I don't have many convention appearances planned for 2014 as a result of the preparation phase I'm undergoing, but I hope to have one or two along the way, and I'll be sure to update as necessary!

I hope everyone's 2014 has been off to a good start, and I can't wait to share more awesome news as it comes along!



Posted on 17 Nov 2013 by Mario Bueno

What happens when you get Cobra Commander, Skeletor, as well as a familiar face from Days of NYCC Past....who I may or may not have engaged in these kinds of shenanigans with, albeit in a more anime setting?

Why, another crazed romp with D-Piddy. ;D

Featuring a smattering of LA's famous "costumed performers" on the Hollywood Strip, this fun little parody should be a fun time and give you a taste of the colorful LA lifestyle...with a nerdy twist! ;D


More crazed covers with D-Piddy, that's what!

Here's the latest contribution to the madness as I provide musical chops for classic cartoon villain Skeletor as he runs amok at Stan Lee's Comikaze!

Download/stream of the song available here as well:
Enjoy! :D



Posted on 21 Oct 2013 by Mario Bueno

D-Piddy is at it again, and thanks to him, you can catch me rocking the Batsuit in another one of his hilarious videos...this time with a Halloween theme!

Video below as well as in the rotation over on my "Videos" section. Enjoy, and a Happy Halloween to everyone! ;D


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