Back in the FIGHT-O!

Posted on 31 Aug 2017 by Mario Bueno

Hello all!

It's been quite some time since fresh news popped up here, huh? ;D

Now that the initial barrage of this wild summer has quieted down (and believe me, it has been WILD), I took some time today to thoroughly look into a few issues that were plaguing my ability to properly update the site (much less in a quick manner like I used to be). As a result of these efforts, updates have FINALLY been made!

SO. For those of you who found your way here via other methods besides my social media (which I keep the most up to date), I've since joined the team at Kaiju Big Battel (a huge honor and what will likely be filling my "Events" tab for quite some time, hahah) and helped out the good people at Crunchyroll as an emcee for their inaugural Crunchyroll Expo. In particular, I hosted the CRX Chats, Mario Mashup, and Masquerade ULTRA DELUXE event (which I also had a hand in crafting). I expect to be adding CRX 2017 media in the highlights playlist as well once individual segments are made available on Youtube.

Lastly of the major updates, I've FINALLY added an Editing Reel to my Media section, as well as a few new images reflecting my current look+affiliation with Team Kaiju, so feel free to hop on over there to check those out!

Whether I've directed you here for a real-time entertainment resume or you've found me through my work/performances/etc., I hope you'll find what you're looking for here...I appreciate the continued support from all of you, and a hearty welcome all the new faces to my site!


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