Posted on 07 May 2014 by Mario Bueno

(...Yeah, that was a bit much, wasn't it? XD )

So as implied in the heavily abbreviated subject heading, I'll be proudly emceeing the US Finals for the World Cosplay Summit at Anime Central 2014!

This is yet another exciting opportunity for me as my previous WCS Team USA-related outings were some of my proudest moments as a competing cosplayer, so to now be able to be a part of the show in a capacity I enjoy far more (after having the honor of being able to be]part of last year's pre-show via the World Karaoke Grand Prix COSPLAY) makes everything that much sweeter. Thanks to everyone at WCS who made this opportunity possible, and I look forward to being a part of the show!

In other news, I'm happy to announce more info about a project I'll be a part of in June out here in NYC, and that's for my friend Charles Battersby's new play The Astonishing Adventures of All-American Girl and the Scarlet Skunk!

It'll be a busy start to the summer for sure, and I hope to have more cool news for y'all as time goes on!


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